Hair removal with laser has many advantages


Do you know which search engine query became one of the most popular last month? "How to get rid of unwanted hair forever?" The Cosmo editorial staff is also interested in this question, so we conducted our own investigation and found out that - yes, you can! But only with the help of hardware techniques that destroy hair follicle stem cells. Handles this problem - laser hair removal, please click here - how much is laser hair removal

The body hairs were removed by people back in ancient times. In Egypt, India and Rome, smooth and delicate skin was admired, and of course, those who wanted to look good tried to get rid of unnecessary vegetation. They also did it in the Middle Ages - but, of course, the compositions used by ancient and medieval fashionists and fashionable women are much inferior in effectiveness and safety to the present ones. Nevertheless, many people still have problems with hair removal: epilation with sugar or wax causes painful sensations, and the razor has to be used too often, and after it irritation or ingrown hair may occur. These problems are solved with the help of new technologies - such as laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is considered one of the most reliable and safest methods to destroy excess vegetation. If you, like us, are determined to get rid of unwanted hair forever, our article will help you. After all, before you sign up for the procedure, you should know everything about it.

Laser hair removal: what is it?

So, how does laser hair removal work? In this procedure, hair is removed with the help of a concentrated beam of light - laser. It burns the hair follicles by heating the pigment they contain - melanin. It is this pigment that is responsible for hair color and not only hair.

Melanin has one feature: it can absorb light waves of a certain length (about 700-1000 nanometers, and one meter contains a whole billion nanometers). This absorption does not just go away - remember the school physics course, nothing can go anywhere. Melanin in the process is strongly overheated, and its elevated temperature, of course, is transmitted to the surrounding tissues - that is, to the very hair, which contains melanin, and, of course, to the hair bulb. The hair, together with the follicle, in its turn, can not withstand the temperature and die. If the procedure is done correctly, the skin does not suffer at all, especially when using modern equipment. Here is the scheme, how it all works:

Hair removal with laser has many advantages:

Applicability. Laser hair removal can be done on almost any part of the body, even under the armpits, on the upper lip, even in the bikini zone. The only place, perhaps, where the laser should not be used is the eyelids.

Precision. No cuts, scratches, etc., only hair and nothing else is removed.

Speed. It takes a tiny fraction of a second for the laser to warm up melanin in a hair, in time for you to say "one flash", it will make dozens of these flashes. In some cases, the laser hair removal procedure on your upper lip may only take a minute. Imagine, just one minute, and no mustache.

Predictability. After the first procedure, the expert will most likely be able to guide you through the time of the final disposal of unwanted hair - he or she will approximately understand how your hair reacts to the laser.

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